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Rope Toy for Dogs - Ball with Handle

Rope Toy for Dogs - Ball with Handle

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The perfect game for your four-legged friends!

This dog toy is made of cotton rope and is perfect for playing tug of war with your pet. Many dogs love this game, but often we humans don't have a good grip with traditional toys and it doesn't allow us to play well with our puppy. With this rope for dogs, however, fun will be guaranteed on both sides as one side ends with a perfect ball to bite into, while the other is a practical handle for our hands.

Furthermore, this dog toy also has the function of keeping your pet's teeth clean thanks to the non-toxic cotton knots that can be safely chewed.


  • Handle and ball for guaranteed fun
  • Non-toxic cotton knots
  • While playing, the dog cleans its teeth

Buy this dog toy now and have fun with your best friend!

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